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What is Powershot Challenge?

Powershot Challenge is an arcade competition game, created in collaboration with different football clubs, that enables club supporters, fans and anyone who has an interest in football, to win great real life prizes, offered by the specific club. Right now Powershot Challenge has been released together with Celtic FC, SL Benfica, Liverpool FC and A.C. Milan. In the following months FC Barcelona and AS Roma will receive a similar version of the game.  

What kind of platforms does the game support?

Right now Powershot Challenge has been released for Google Android and Apple iOS.  

Do I need a permanent Internet Connection to play?

In order to compete against other players and win prizes, the application requires a permanent Internet connection. However, the application also has an offline playing mode, called Practice, where one can sharpen his/her playing skills if an Internet connection is not present.    

Game Currency


What is the main currency of the game?

The main currency is called Supporter Tokens. You can use it to unlock new and better players and also to buy boosts in order to improve your player’s performance.  

How do I obtain Supporter Tokens?

You can buy these tokens from the in-game store, by clicking the “+” button, available in top right corner, in player selection, Profile and other sections of the game menu.  

How do Boosts work?

Boosts increase the tolerance level of the game. Thus, unless you play a perfect game in which they yield no bonus at all, they help you get a better score. But the max score for a user using a higher ranked player and/or other Boosts is exactly the same as someone using the first free player and no boosts. The exception is Match Training which is additive but can be accumulated for free over time.  

What are Supporter Points?

Supporter Points are gained in game by scoring multiple consecutive successful swipes. Once you gather enough, you can use them to unlock new players.  

What is Supporter Title?

Supporter Title is a measurement on how big of a supporter you are. Higher titles are gained by gathering Supporter Points, acquiring Supporter Tokens, playing everyday buying extra Match Training etc. Once you gather enough, you will get a new title.      

Competitions and scoring


What if two users look as if they got the same score?

They just look that way as the system calculates score down to many decimals. Should the improbability occur that both have the exact same score the one submitting the score later than the other will take the position.  

I missed one league and missed my chance to qualify; can I qualify at a later stage?

No, all our challenges are timed and no exempts are given to anyone for any reason. You have to be online and compete within the timeframe posted. But new challenges will come in which you can participate.  

I lost my connection while playing and my score wasn’t submitted, can you help me?

No, we cannot be responsible for your connection. You have the chance to restore your connection and retry the submission but if you don’t manage to do this the score is forfeit.  

I scored higher than the top score but the top score still shows someone else, is there something wrong?

No, sometimes it takes a while, up to 10 minutes for the server to update, give it a few minutes and it will correct itself.     Powershot Challenge is part of the Supporter Challenge series developed and published by I C YOU AB (publ). Please visit for more information