Game Rules


(this only applies if there the game specifically mentions that you can win prizes) All contests and their prizes are sponsored by, ICYou AB (publ), the Club and/or a sponsor of ICYou or the Club (collectively Sponsor) and is not associated with Apple, App Store or other similar entities and/or marketplace in any way or form. Any tax is paid by the winner. The rules are interpreted and managed by ICYou only and you are required to keep yourself informed of these rules. Requirements To be eligible to win, you must at all times hold the Account validly established. You will have to have registered a valid email address as contact information so that you can be contacted should you win the contest. The Sponsor reserves the right to give the prize to someone else should the Sponsor for some reason be unable to contact you through the contact information provided by you. You have to be over the age of eighteen (18) years old, or over the age of majority in the country where You reside or are a citizen, or in case of you not being over the age of majority you have your parent’s or legal guardians’ permission to accept the prize. If a prize includes a traveling arrangement paid for by the Sponsor, failure by you or your traveling party to follow such traveling schedule set by the Sponsor shall not obligate Sponsor in any way to provide you with alternate arrangements. It is the responsibility of you, if rewarded with a prize involving travel, to ensure that you hold a valid passport and visa (if required). In the event that a you are unable, for whatever reason, to accept any Prize then the Sponsor reserves the right to award the prize to someone else. If for any reasons competitions like this are illegal in your country the Sponsor gives no warranty that the prizes will be delivered to you and reserves the right to give the prize to someone else. No employee or associate of ICYou or the Club are eligible to win any prizes. This also holds for family members of employees and associates.  

Competition Information

The game is played in one or a number of consecutive leagues, to be able to win you have to be the top scorer in the last and final league. In each league you are placed in a random division, one or more players are qualified from each division to the next league when the league finishes. At each league ending the challenge is paused for a short period of time while the system calculates the final scores in all divisions and then selects who qualified. Please note that even if your device indicates you as a qualified player at the very end of the challenge this might not be the case if someone else submits a score close to the last minute. In the end the ones with the best score will have qualified.

Club Team Members

ICYOU reserve the right to remove and change any Club team members in the game and will remove or change Club team members if instructed by the Club, for example due to transfer activity.

Prize Information

All prizes photos and depictions of any type are just informative. The actual prizes might different in the way they look, but not in functionality and/or type. In case some of the prizes become unavailable due to unforeseen causes, ICYou might choose to replace that prize with a different item. ICYou might ask for your permission in case the prize is significantly different in type and/or value. For team signed prizes, we cannot insure that the prizes will be signed by the entire team. The number of signatures will be based on the team members availability.  


Q: What if two users look as if they got the same score? A: They just look that way as the system calculates score down to many decimals. Should the improbability occur that both have the exact same score the one submitting the score later than the other will take the position. Q: I missed one league and missed my chance to qualify; can I qualify at a later stage? A: No, all our challenges are timed and no exempts are given to anyone for any reason. You have to be online and compete within the timeframe posted. But new challenges will come in which you can participate. Q: I lost my connection while playing and my score wasn’t submitted, can you help me? A: No, we cannot be responsible for your connection. You have the chance to restore your connection and retry the submission but if you don’t manage to do this the score is forfeit. Q: I scored higher than the top score but the top score still shows someone else, is there something wrong? A: No, sometimes it takes a while, up to 10 minutes for the server to update, give it a few minutes and it will correct itself.